About Us

Adding Colours to your Life

Magnet is a boutique company that specializes in attention-grabbing and unique products like bag tags, keychains and fridge magnets. When it comes to tags, we focus on unisex tags and kids tags that not only look good but also showcase a personality. We offer a wide selection of product categories and ensure that only the best, most visually appealing and interesting products are a part of our product portfolio. We keep adding to our portfolio with products that represent the latest style and interests and preference of our target audience. This ensures our products are never boring or get old.
All our products are of superior quality and innovatively designed to ensure they grab eyeballs and go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of the product on which they are used. E.g. if you are using our fun fridge magnets, your fridge turns into an exciting and good-looking piece of equipment, rather than looking boring. Your fridge will invite a second glace. If you use our smart looking bag tags, a good-looking bag turns into even a more attractive bag; and a boring bag turns into a fantastic looking, trendy accessory.


We are committed to offering only the most functional, visually appealing and amazingly fashionable accessories to our customers. Our long-term vision is to make sure that we keep adding to our portfolio making it even bigger so that our customers have a huge selection to choose from and it caters to the interests and preferences of each one of them. We don’t take our products lightly and believe customers across the globe should have access to our products. Our logistics and infrastructure capabilities ensure we are able to deliver products irrespective of their quantity and location of the customer. 


It is our focussed objective to deliver only the highest quality products to our customers. We make sure that we work in making the best products using best materials and our products go through a comprehensive testing process to check for faults. This ensures our products meet all industry benchmarks of quality. It is also our goal that product designs are in line with current themes and pop culture. This is done by exhaustive market research and understanding the needs of our target customers. Our goal is to ensure that you never get disappointed by our product design and style.